Texas Style Rails

In Texas, you can watch drag racing, NASCAR racing, along with many other automotive sports. One of my favorites is Mud Drags. These races have special vehicles racing in them, just like other pro sports. Most people would believe that they race huge 4×4 trucks, however, that is not the only vehicle you will find. They have rails like the regular drag races, but Texas style.

Now the first thing you will notice about these “Texas Style” mud rails is that their tires are different. They may have the same motor that you would find on a flat drag strip, but they have to have tires that can push them through the mud. Most will have cut tires and Scoopers on the back. The front tires will be smaller on the mud rails, so they can control it. The back tires are the ones pushing and need the better traction.

Second, you will notice that there are a few different kinds of Texas style rails. They are usually shorter than that of the regular drag rails, and sit higher off the ground (so as not to high center or get stuck in the mud). There are 2 wheel drive rails as well as 4 wheel drive. Most rails are running in the faster classes, so you will find them running NOS or Blown alcohol, but there are still some economy rails as well.

These truck rails are built specifically for drag racing in the mud. The axles and drive shafts have to be made to endure the mud they run through. The tracks have regulations that have to be followed for safety, thus making the builders of these machines really tedious about their work. Roll cages have to be of certain strength and fire extinguishers have to be mounted where race drivers can use them easily. Shut off systems have to be accurate, and the race drivers have to be prepared for inspections. These Texas Style Rails are a lot of fun, and due to these safety features are quite safer than most people would believe. I have been enjoying this sport for 12 years now, and have never seen a fatality or even a serious injury from these vehicles.

This sport is a great way to entertain your family and enjoy some good clean fun! These trucks are spectacular to see, so I hope you get the chance to see them!